Friday, September 23, 2011

You find out who your friends are

Last night when I went to bed after watching the season premier of the Mentalist, I was trying to come up with an idea for a blog today. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to write about, I have a thousand different ideas, but just hadn't picked the one. I thought I could write about how pretty fall is like my mother wants, but I think that topic will be better left for when the trees are changing colors and I have some good pictures to back me up. When I read Debra's blog this morning about 'hanging on' I knew what I was supposed to write about today.
One of the events that really gets me excited each year is the Preston County Buckwheat festival. I love the trek to Kingwood for buckwheat cakes and sausage and I just love the atmosphere. I enjoy walking through the car show and the arts and crafts buildings, and I enjoy sitting in the Bingo tent playing .25 cent bingo...hoping that I can get bingo before the 81 year old women sitting beside me. This year, the Buckwheat festaval marks a special note for me personally. Last year around the festival weekend was when I started feeling ill and ultimatley on October the 15th I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
It has been a difficult year for myself and for my family who has lost several members to various diseases and alments and several people have been sick with various things. However for me, it has also been a learning experience. I have learned more about the medical world than I ever really cared to know, but more importantly I have learned who my true friends are. Ironically some of the ones that I thought I could really depend on disappeared like illegal aliens when immigration showed up at the work site, and some of the people that I didn't really count on have really stepped up to the plate to offer their support and well wishes. I have also gained a few friends and become closer with much of my family.
The people that haven't stuck around or that have distanced themselves, it dosen't really bother me. I consider it like spring cleaning when you get rid of all the crap you don't need anymore. These people where just taking up space and I am actually glad that they have been 'tossed' out of my closet.
Situations like this provide a really good 'gut check' and really make a person realize what they are thankful for. I know there are many sayings out there like: live in the moment or stop and smell the roses, but however you put it just remember not to take anything for granted and appreciate your friends and family and everything that you have, because it could always be worse. Now I am going to go appreciate the pumpkin pie that I just took out of the oven!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You know what really grinds my gears?

Lately, I have been thinking about all the things that bother me and how I should blog about them. In Debra's recent post on her blog, she let us all know about her relationship with her cell phone, which again prompted me to think about the various things that I don't care for. So here goes it: I actually like cell phones, they are an important part of my job and they do make life easier. However, the expectations that come with having a cell phone I don't care for. People expect that it should be a direct line to my ear. I would say that I don't answer my phone over 50% of the time. It isn't because I don't want to talk to you, it's just because I am doing something else or that I don't have my phone with me. I don't carry my phone everywhere I go, I usually forget it or leave it at home if I don't want to be interupted...not that I really have anything to do that warrents being uninterupted... Another thing that bothers me about cell phones is when I am in a public environment and somebody talking on the phone around me is speaking so loudly that I feel like I am part of their conversation. When this happends I find myself wanting to go over to them, grab their phone and smash it on the ground and walk away. So, cell phones aren't all that bad when they are used responsibly...maybe we need a sort of drivers ed test for people with cell phones? If you can't pass the test and be a responsible cell phone user, you don't get one. Another note: I think pedestrians are great. I think it is good to encourage walking and cycling in our community, especially with all the car traffic that we have. Students who live within walking distance to class should walk, it would make things much easier for everyone. What bothers me is when I slow down to let someone cross the street and they act like crossing the street is the closet thing they have done since the Boston Marathon. I mean, put alittle hustle in your step please! I understand most pedestrians are students and I was once a student myself, but it seems like more and more foot pedestrians who are students believe they have an entitlement to cross the street wherever they want whenever they want reguardless of traffic flow. Most of the time they have a miserable look on their face because they are going to class and they want somebody to feel sorry for them. Well, I don't feel sorry...being in school really isn't that hard. Being a productive member of society and paying bills is far more difficult than going to school. If I could trade in bills and work for just showing up to class in my pj's and a cup of coffee from starbucks, I would do it in a heartbeat. A minority of students do have responsiblities other than school work and keeping a social calender full of keg parties, couch burnings, and vommiting in some back ally in downtown Morgantown. These students have other obligations such as children, loan payments, wives, domestic partners, hobbies, Debra Morell and other centers of influence that keep them motivated in life to do well in school and just being an adult. So for all the college students who think that they are a gift to the world and that showing up for their 9AM communications class on time after that huge kegger party is going to win them an award...grow up!

Monday, September 19, 2011

All Things Considered

On Saturday, Maya and I headed to Rowlesburg to visit Justin (Foggy Mountain), Cassie and Debra to watch the Mountaineers take on Maryland on ESPN U. It was a little chilly out, so I made a sweet potato stew to take up (recipe will follow) and Cassie and Justin cooked up some of their famous chili. Debra brought M&M's for herself. She also whipped up some special chip dip...I didn't try it, maybe she will post the recipe later. Debra's father also came across the street to watch the game with us.
As soon as I arrived I knew I was in trouble. As I was walking in, Debra was walking out complaining that Cassie has too many rules and that she was going home to close some windows and would be back later. Now, Cassie does have some rules. You must be seated before kickoff (I was late), no talking during play or commentary, food is served promtly at half time and swearing is aloud. I managed to play by the rules, except the whole being late thing...but I really didn't care. Justin helped me with my blog layout during halftime, which was a great help...I think I am a bit slow when is comes to designing websites and things like that.
The Mountaineers thankfully defeated the Terps and everyone was happy. The food was great and Maya and Buster (Justin and Cassie's Dog) had a great time playing. We took a trip to the Meadow after the game for a camp fire and to let the dogs run some. We had a great time and had great conversation. Alot of the conversation had to do with the upcoming hunting season and how taking Debra to the airport would be a good opportunity to go to Cabelas. The fire was extinguished and we headed back to Justin's house and sat on the porch and yaked for a bit before Maya and I headed back to Motown.
*This is a special note about my friend Debra- Debra is a very special friend. She is also Justin's mom. I have only known her for a few years, but I would classify her as a cyber friend. We are facebook friends and I often try to insult her online, but she is a bigger cyber bully than I am so it never works out for me. She often gets annoyed and blames others for her problems or runs away to 'close up windows' at her house. We all know she dosen't have that many windows and that she is most likely just napping. Reguardless she is a great person and I often value her insight and opinion...she is also the official tour guide and Queen of Rowlesburg.
This weekend is the LSU vs WVU game. ESPN is bringing gameday to Motown and we are having an awsome tailgate party, most likely lasting all day. Justin and Cassie are supposed to be coming, Debra was invited but I doubt she will show up.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lazy fall days

Since I had my treatment on Monday and Tuesday of this week, I am spending some time indoors with my better half trying not to get sick and trying to avoid the germs of the real world. I have found myself cooking a good bit with this cooler fall air. Yesterday I made some turkey chili, which I thought was pretty good. I cooked it in a crockpot all day and served it over pasta with chedder cheese on top! Today I managed to whip up some cookies. Although they weren't 100% homeade, they taste pretty darn good. I added a little extra chocolate to the top! Maya was upset because she wasn't allowed to sample them, so I threw the ball for her outside instead. She must be tired because now she is asleep in her chair by the window...a dogs life indeed!

Embarking on a new adventure!

Growing up in the hills of WV, I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the many splendors of Appalachain life. West Virginia has many rocks to be turned and paths to be explored. I have spent most of my life in WV exploring all the great things that this state has to offer. My earlier years were spent with my grandfather on our family cattle farm which was a great experience as a kid. I have also traversed our hillsides horseback and from the vantage point of a mountain bike.
I hope that this blog can portray what I enjoy doing and who I enjoy being. Oh, and my dog Maya will most likely be the subject of many posts. She is a black lab, about 2.5years young.