Winter in WV

These are some tips I have for driving the backroads of WV in the Winter:
- Know where you are going and have 4X4
- Wear sensible clothes(long pants, boots, jacket) incase you get stranded
- Carry a flashlight, a blanket or sleeping bag and a lighter
- Have a small shovel to dig yourself out if you are stuck
- Jumper cables
These are things I carry and would recomend:
- Small tool kit with various wrenches, and vice grips
- Duct tape
- Chain saw filled with gas and oil incase of a downed tree
- Tire chains
- Map
- Tow strap or chain
- Small tarp and extra blankets
- Pair of insulated gloves
The most important thing is to just be sensible when driving. Don't go somewhere where you think you may get stuck. Have the proper equipment and know your vehical. If you get stuck can you put on tire chains? Can you change a flat tire? You may not have cell phone service... I may be alittle 'over prepared', but I am an Eagle Scout. I'd rather have everything I need rather than wishing I had it.